Saturday Spotlight

Jayme Funchion 

J/Fitness & Tecumseh Parks and Rec

Happy Saturday! Saturday Spotlight with Jayme Funchion of J/Fitness and City of Tecumseh Parks and Recreation. Lets talk words like #Resolutions #Goals #Fitness #Bootcamp
Where do we begin in Downtown Tecumseh? Downtown Adrian? Clinton, Michigan, Tecumseh, Michigan, Lenawee County? You can have your Tecumseh Bread & Pastry and The Boulevard Market!!


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We’re here with Jayme Funchion from J/Fitness and Tecumseh Park & Rec for our first Saturday Spotlight of 2019. If you’re like all the rest of us, maybe you have a resolution, maybe you have a goal, maybe you just want to do something better for yourself this year. Jayme Funchion runs the Boot Camp class at AJ Smith Parks and Recreation on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM.

Jayme talks a bit about why “Boot Camp” classes can be intimidating for people. Boot Camp is really about keeping fitness at a level where you don’t need a lot of equipment, just your body weight and high intensity interval training. We are going to work out hard, but we’re not going to be laying on the floor not being able to breathe. You work at the fitness level that you’re at and push yourself and progress.

So many people get into a routine with their workout, but Boot Camp offers me cardio that I wouldn’t get otherwise. Jayme says that with fitness, it’s all about finding what works for you and find what lights your fire. For Jayme it’s having an inspiring coach and working together with other people.

Jayme also talks about how much our local community in Tecumseh has to offer for fitness opportunities like spinning, Jazzercise, yoga, cardio drumming, weight lifting, gyms and great walking paths. For Jayme, she loves boot camp and other group fitness classes with other people to push each other.

The word resolution can be scary, but fitness is about making long term goals and fitting it into your lifestyle, finding out what works for you! Setting small goals that are attainable are huge when you may be so far out from knowing what the end result may be. 

Jayme also talks about “seasons” or time of life and how to adapt to your current lifestyle so you can feel good and be excited for your next goals. 

My goal was to try something new every month so I’ve tried yoga and boot camp. I think you just have to keep moving and set realistic goals to be able to attain them. The more I work out, the stronger I become.

Jayme is truly inspirational and motivates people and herself. Boot camp is fairly inexpensive, you can sign up for the six weeks, do a drop-in or a pass for once a week or three times a week. 

It’s time to get moving!

This could just be what gets your fire going.


Have a great Saturday!