Wine Down Wednesday With Janis

Epi-Sold 4: Do you want to be a Realtor?

Why We Love What We do!

Happy Wednesday on this bitterly cold January day! I want to talk with you about being a realtor.

This March we will be celebrating our 5th anniversary as Living in Lenawee Realty. We hope you can all join us! We are having a open house on March 3rd at Black Star Winey(See Below to RSVP). We will be celebrating with everyone who has helped us along the way. I have had my license for 23 years and Ed for 17, and we still have the same drive because we love our business and serving our clients. But is this a career for you?

Here is how I summarize my career as a full time realtor. 


If you don’t enjoy the 9 to 5 grind, being a realtor might be for you! As a realtor, you can set your own schedule, but it doesn’t mean less hours. You have to stay motivated to make those phone calls, work on marketing, do price analysis, and we work when our clients are available.


Your income is what you put into it, your income cap is really limitless. Unfortunately, it isn’t a steady income. When I first started as a realtor, I waited six months before my first paycheck. In real estate some months are busy and some months are slower so you really have to learn to budget. If you sell one million dollars in property, you will only gross about $15,000. Then from there, subtract about $1,500 in MLS fees, joining the Association, cost of cards, no paid benefits and vacations, and you pay the taxes. So if a realtor tells you that they are a million dollar producer, they probably only made about $10,000. I call that part time. If you’re going to make the biggest purchase of your life, don’t you want someone who does it full time?


Real estate IS emotional. It helps us keep focused on our client’s needs and invest in the transaction. But there are so many different personalities you come in contact with in real estate. Whether that be other agents, inspectors, title companies, you have to be able to deal with people.

To this day, I still take it personal if my client doesn’t get the house they fell in love with or I don’t get the listing. As long as realtors are emotionally involved, they will best represent their client.

Career Mobility

Want to be your own boss? Not so simple. You make your own career advancements and you would be amazed at what you can do while growing your own business and brand. 

Hard work

Most new agents will wash out because they thought that being a real estate agent would be easy money when it looks so simple on HGTV. Our average sale price in Lenawee County is $148,329. HGTV isn’t our world. We have to work hard for out clients! We manage our clients, your listing, your transactions and your marketing. It takes a lot of discipline and effort to get it right! 

My best advice is to find a mentor and build a reputation. There is no easy way in. There is no YouTube video or fast track program to be the best realtor. Find someone who does it right!

From every home, from every client, and from every coach I’m still learning new things every day.

Still thinking about getting into real estate? Give us a call. Let’s sit down and talk about getting your real estate license. 

I love real estate. I love our clients. I love Living in Lenawee. I love being a broker and owning a company.

Stay tuned for our next Saturday Spotlight with Dipped and Epi-Sold 5 of Wine Down Wednesday with a guest and wine!

“If you treat your clients right, they will take care of you for the rest of your life”
– Richard Abraham.

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