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Want a She Shed? So I’m here back with a Saturday Spotlight, Janis Montalvo at Living in Lenawee Realty and I’m with Tom Griffith with Griffith CAD Service, LLC. 

So I say, “Want a She Shed?”, only because if you’re thinking about building a new home, maybe putting in a detached garage with a party room on top, a remodel, an addition – Just about anything!

I know the first plan we looked at had 4 bedrooms and an in-ground pool, and a 4-car garage and I was all over that on! Interestingly enough, if you’re thinking about building you’re wondering where to start. A lot of the time, they say to start with the builder, but sometimes it’s a good idea to start with Tom because maybe you like part of a certain cape cod, but you like a colonial, you need first floor laundry – there’s all these different things going on!

Tom told us a little bit about what he does to help people get started with building a new home. First, his clients come to his office and tell him how many bedrooms they want or if they already have a plan in mind that they saw in a magazine and he will work with that if he can and see what additional changes they may want. He sits down with the client and start off with what style house they want, if they like open concept format and any other requirements they may have such as needing a 36″ wide door because they are planning their forever home and would like to be able to fit wheelchairs through the doorways. Tom calls it a “wish list” that his clients come up with and he takes about a week to two weeks and then will call the client back in to look over two or three designs that he produced for them to review. Then the preliminary work with creating a floor and elevation plans and then will once again go over those plans with the client. If the client likes one of the plans done in the preliminary process he will automatically print final copies for the contractor or Tom will go back to the drawing board until his client is satisfied with the design. Tom says that sometimes this means rethinking his own ideas or merging other ideas together to make something work for them.

The plans all include everything the contractor will need to actually build the home. He will give the contractor the cover sheet which includes all the plan notes, different notes for the contractor. Tom provides a sheet of different details that the contractor will need and a technical wall section that is required in any house plan, a floor plan, a foundation plan, all of the elevations, a roof plan and any other details that Tom sees that the contractor may need to be drawn out.  

It’s interesting, when we built our house and the house plans came, the thing I was most excited about was, and Ed will tell you, is the laundry shoot! People always ask me if I would have done anything differently after we built, and my answer is yes! I would have built a bigger garage. So, it’s interesting that I could have saved myself a lot of hassle, we could have built that bigger garage when we started.

Tom is helping our friends, John and Julie design their house and it’s their forever home and has tweaked a lot of things since they first started and I know that Julie will tell everyone that Tom was wonderful to work with and really appreciated that Tom would sit down and make the changes that they needed to.  

Just because you don’t see what you want on the market, you can definitely build it, but you should start with Tom because Tom is going to help you put all those plans together.

Tom started his business in January 2010, so it’s coming up on 10 years! Originally he started his business in the basement of his home and did it there for about 2 years and then decided to move it out of his home and get an office space.

Griffith CAD Service is located at what I call the “Old Fardaay” building or you could call it Martin’s Building at 805 South Maumee Street, Tecumseh, MI. There’s several different businesses there that I didn’t realize within this building!

You can meet with Tom in his office, he has lots of printers and he only had 4 computer screens going on while we were talking with him, which might have just put me over the edge!

Tom can be reached at (517) 423-2296 and you can either call or text Tom at the same number. So it’s really a cell phone/mobile number, but it has that local Tecumseh part of it.  He does work about realtor hours: evenings, weekends, whatever it takes to meet his client’s needs! He’s been in the office until 9:30 at night with a client so if you need an evening appointment or a weekend appointment, he will do it. 

Tom can definitely help you make your dreams come true!


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