Saturday Spotlight

Living in Lenawee Realty Presents:

Paper Street Soap and Madison Jaimes Day Spa

Happy Saturday! Janis here from Living in Lenawee Realty and we’re hitting the streets (and looking in the windows) of Downtown Tecumseh to get a sneak peek of two new women owned businesses soon to open at 11 AM today!

Paper Street Soap and Madison Jaimes Day Spa are located at 134 W. Chicago Blvd, Tecumseh, MI.

Contact Phone: 517-662-0153

Holiday Hours:

Tuesday: 10 am – 3 pm

Thursday: 10 am – 4 pm

Friday: 10 am – 8 pm (tentative)

Saturday: 10 am – 4 pm 

We’re interviewing Victoria Lord, Owner of Paper Street Soap. It smells so good in here! I wouldn’t mind just stopping in some Saturday morning, grab a muffin and walk over.

What makes Paper Street Soap unique? They use a lot of locally sourced ingredients. Some people think it may be strange at first, but by the time they leave they are in love with the products. Beer shampoo and conditioner anyone?

Paper Street Soap uses Chai Teas and spent grounds right from Musgrove Coffee in Tecumseh! Victoria incorporates as many locally made ingredients as possible in her products she sells. 

You may have seen Victoria around before as Paper Street Soap was at the Shed at the Market on Evans last season. Victoria says they were blown away by the community support and how much it grew. After seeing the same faces over and over again at the Farmers Market, she decided it was necessary to find a spot and people can stop in during the holidays. 

The Farmers Market Season may be over at the Market on Evans, but continues here at the Paper Street Soap Shop! They are featuring candied pecans, all of Organic Granny’s merchandise which is all completely organic and more to come! Also at the Paper Street Soap Shop, you can find books, quilts and more. A Lenawee Handcrafted Fair! I found out Victoria’s Father is actually an author, so there are some really cute books to find here for yourself or for a gift. There’s all kinds of fun things here and can even make a gift basket. 

During Christmas time, Paper Street will have the center of the store set up so everyone can make their own basket for a little extra fee with tons of different options. Also planned is bath bomb Make-and-Takes, Beer Bubble Bath Make-and-Take and other events that will be held here during the evenings. 

There’s a little bit of everything, and something here for anyone on your shopping list for the Holiday. Paper Street Soap will be open four days a week. Victoria says she is used to making deliveries and special orders, so if you’re desperate and you have to get a gift to someone, message her and she will come let you in and get you what you need. 

There’s not a sign out front yet, but you can do like we did and just keep peeking in the windows as you walk down the sidewalk or Victoria will come and grab you if you get lost. Paper Street Soap and Madison Jaimes Day Spa is located at 134 Chicago Blvd in Downtown Tecumseh, MI which is right next door to Cunningham Vision and Tecumseh Brewing.

So come on down and check out these two wonderful businesses and treat yourself to a massage, a facial and soap products. I encourage you to come out and see all of the unique and awesome products and services being brought to Downtown Tecumseh. Just the smell of it alone makes me want to go home, sit in the tub and not do anything for the rest of the day. 

Would you like more information about these businesses?  Call Paper Street Soap and Madison Jaimes Day Spa at 517-662-0153 or visit their websites:

Paper Street Soap Website

Madison Jaimes Day Spa Web Site

 Check out Paper Street Soap on Facebook!

Check out Madison Jaimes Day Spa on Facebook!

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