Saturday Spotlight


Twin Pines Eatery

Tecumseh, MI


We’re off to a great start this Saturday Morning! We headed town to Twin Pines Eatery and talked to Mark and Megan Stevenson, the owners of Twin Pines and Stone Mountain located at 1102 W Russel Rd on the Southside of Tecumseh. 

We’re so excited to be able to do this Saturday Spotlight Feature with Twin Pines because we think they might be the best-kept secret in Tecumseh. They do still serve Ice Cream in the Winter, but they also offer so much more! There is a beautiful eat-in facility available for guests to enjoy. The food here is fabulous, and it’s also quite affordable on top of all the promotions and Happy Hour. 

They were originally an ice cream and dessert shop, but they have converted it into an eatery, so there’s lots of great food. You can find Sunset Ridge BBQ here and also serve up sandwiches, soups, and wraps. Mark introduced to us his family Coffeecake recipe they now sell at Twin Pines Eatery that you can buy by the slice or bring it home for the Holidays. 

Ice cream sales may go down during the winter, but people are still buying ice cream! You can come in and use the warm indoor seating or the drive-thru as well. The most popular menu item is the Pulled Pork Slider or the Loaded hot dog with house coleslaw, shredded cheese, and mustard. Megan’s favorite is the loaded tots.

Twin Pines Eatery is coming up on its Third Anniversary in March. It has been a work in progress. The first winter a new kitchen was put in, the past winter they built out for the indoor seating area and more changes coming in 2020.

The indoor seating area is really beautiful and open to the outdoors. When I first heard that Mark and Megan were building an indoor seating area, I thought it would be so cold in the winter. It’s not cold at all! Mark said, “It was a lot of work designing it and everything, but it works out really good to open it up and have open air and enjoy the outdoors”. 

You can also book your next Birthday Party or gathering at Twin Pines. They have several different packages to meet your needs, so call and discuss pricing. 

I asked Mark and Megan what their favorite part of owning a business is. Megan said, “I think it’s being part of the community. We liked to be engaged and involved in the community”. Twin Pines also gets involved in the community by sponsoring sports teams and helping the local schools with different promotions. 

I love it when you pull up to Twin Pines Eatery and the sign says, “I Choose Tecumseh” and when you go into Twin Pines, all of the employee shirts have encouraging phrases to inspire both employees and patrons. 

One thing that you might not know about Twin Pines Eatery is that Mark Stevenson’s vision when designing and deciding to own the restaurant is that he wanted it to be a place where people who had a pickup truck or a semi-truck could pull into. Mark made it very easy to pull through or park equipment up font and have a bite to eat. (You have to watch the video to see Janis’s trucker impression).

Another thing you may not know (at least Mark and Megan didn’t know at the time) is that the won’t Second Prize at the Tecumseh Christmas Parade!

For this Saturday Spotlight, we also wanted to take some time to offer our appreciation to our clients in 2019. Living in Lenawee Realty has a Christmas tree up and decorated at The Market on Evans. If you go to the Market on Evans, find your ornament that has the house address that you bought or sold, take a picture of it and send it to us and we will send you a $10 gift certificate to Twin Pines Eatery! If you bought and sold a house, you will get a $20 gift certificate also to Twin Pines Eatery! Get More Details Here!

Make sure you stop in at Twin Pines Eatery soon! They are located at 1102 W. Russell Rd, Tecumseh, MI between Green Hwy and Occidental on the south side of Russell Road. Have a bite to eat inside, go to the drive-thru or even ORDER ONLINE of time and pick up at the drive-thru to get some fresh food without the wait. Contact Twin Pines Eatery by phone at 517-423-7949. 

Visit them online at TwinPinesTeecumseh.Com or on Facebook

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