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Living in Lenawee Realty is bringing you another Saturday Spotlight featuring Jazzercise in Tecumseh. Don’t forget to check out Jazzercise’s February Challenge at the bottom of this page to help you stay motivated!


“If there’s something that you are passionate about it, do it. You never know how many people you can affect or how many people you can help or what you can do for your community.”

Happy Saturday! We’re on the road in this new decade of 2020. We decided to head just down the Boulevard and stop into Jazzercise Tecumseh and talk to the owner, Melissa Roberts. Melissa has owned Jazzercise for 6 years and has been an instructor for 7 years. We did the interview on the stage of the Jazzercise studio, which is funny because I have two left feet and three right hands, but I’m on the stage. It’s the beginning and the year, and people always have their resolutions for the year, although I like to call them intentions only because I intend to do really good things.

Jazzercise is dance-based cardio with strength routines worked into every format. In Jazzercise there are nine different formats, some of them are heavier on strength with weights, mats, exercise bands or exercise balls, but every single format has at least four or five strength routines. 

I think that when people think of Jazzercise, they think of the 1970s with people dancing around in leotards. What I love about Jazzercise is that weight training is also incorporated into it, along with many other things that go on. I asked Melissa if someone wanting to join needed to be able to dance or if it was hard to do Jazzercise. Melissa explains that she hears it a lot that people say they don’t have a dance background, don’t have rhythm or they aren’t a dancer, so they don’t think they can’t do Jazzercise – you do not have to have experience in dance to do Jazzercise! Melissa did dance for a long time, but it’s different than anything like dance because you’re following someone that’s mirroring you. Every time an instructor is leading you, their left is their right, and everyone moves in the same direction. No pirouettes – it’s a lot of skipping, hopping, marching, pushups and high knee jogs – a little bit of everything and a full-body workout that anyone can do. 

Jazzercise is not just a class you come to. If you don’t show up at a class that you regularly go to, people are worried for you, it’s community.

Jazzercise Tecumseh is all settled into their new location. It is a beautiful room. One of the things I read online is about mirrors in Jazzercise – there aren’t any, although, in the dance rooms upstairs, mirrors are going in. Melissa explains, “We don’t love to do it in front of a mirror. Does anyone really love to do that? No.” Melissa further explains that mirrors are super helpful for form, especially with strength. When you are facing your instructor, you can be doing a move and thinking that you are doing it correctly, but in fact, are not. Melissa describes that being in other fitness classes, “You may think you’re where you need to be and then all of a sudden you’re tweaking your back, so the form is super important”. So if and when there are mirrors in the Jazzercise studio, they will be on a far wall, not on a wall everyone is facing.

The other thing that I thought was interesting is that there are eight different instructors at Jazzercise Tecumseh and every time I come it seems like there is a new song and a new routine (again my three left feet and my four right arms come out). I asked Melissa how often the instructors have to learn new routines. Can you believe it’s every 10 weeks?!

We have an amazing team of instructors. I am very lucky and very blessed to have that.

Instructors receive anywhere from 25 to 33 new Jazzercise routines in a 10 week period. There is just no way, I can’t even get through a class! All the instructors bring their own personality to the routine like Melissa is a huge fan of pushups…not everyone is a huge fan of pushups. You get a little bit of everything in every class you go to which keeps it exciting and new. 

I love how much I have learned. I love being in charge of something the makes people feel good.

Melissa wanted to own Jazzercise from the first day she walked into a class because of her passion for it. For people looking to start their own business, Melissa had some words of advice:

“If there’s something that you love and that you’re passionate about, do it. Learn everything you can about it, but do it.”

I love how Jazzercise Tecumseh is so community-based. In the summer, Melissa does classes outdoors for the Summer Workout Series. I love that I can be out of Jazzercise for seven years and you still have some of the same people there still working hard, like Cheryl! Melissa is inspiring so many women (and men) and I feel that the Jazzercise class offers other women to inspire, encourage, lift up and hold each other accountable and I believe that all stems from good leadership. You don’t walk into class at 5 AM worried that your instructor won’t be there. When Melissa says that she has great instructors, it’s true! There are days that I would have rolled over. They still come in and give it their all and do a great class no matter their circumstances. 

So yes, I’m back at Jazzercise and addicted! I really do get up at 4:30 AM two days a week between other workouts. I appreciate Melissa and her family taking on the renovation of a Downtown Tecumseh building and made it and taken it back to something useful, beautiful and awesome. I also appreciate Melissa inspiring women in our community, that she owns her own company and does an amazing job at it. 

If you haven’t been to a Jazzercise class, it always feels uncomfortable the first time you walk in, as it does with anything. Just grab some weights, grab a mat and if you don’t feel like you’re doing it right, I do that sometimes, too – so it’s good! More importantly, just be yourself and enjoy yourself. I think that’s the best part about Jazzercise is that you have to have fun doing it. If you’re not laughing at Jana at some point in the class, you’re probably not paying attention or you can’t hear her.

Jazzercise Tecumseh is located in Downtown Tecumseh, right next to The Boulevard Market. Morning classes are offered at the Downtown location and the evening classes are located at the old Community Center at Mill Pond temporarily. The Downtown Location used to be the old UAW building and where J. Trees was, which you probably have never been in before Melissa bought it. You can enter the Jazzercise building two different ways, either from the Boulevard side at the front or in the back parking lot.

You can find the Jazzercise schedules and pricing by going to their website at and enter in the Tecumseh zip code. 

Contact Jazzercise Tecumseh:

108 E. Chicago Blvd, Tecumseh, MI 49286

Email Melissa:

Call: 517-442-7923

Jazzercise Tecumseh Facebook Page 

Hi everyone! I hope your new year & new decade are starting out so great! I have been loving seeing all of you in class to start 2020 off the best way!  I can’t believe February is only a few weeks away, but it is! We have all been working hard, setting goals and intentions for the new year- and I just LOVE this challenge because it makes it that much more motivating to stick with our exercise goals well past January and all through February! 

Here’s the deal, we have 28 classes each week, including our Clinton classes that are held Mon, Wed, & Fri at 3:30pm in the middle school. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to complete 24 classes, beginning February 1 and going through Sunday, March 1. There will be tracker posters set up at each location for you to sign up on, and track your attendance- please only use one tracker (you can mark classes form any location on the one you sign up on).


It’s $10 to sign up & if you have a friend that isn’t signed up for Jazzercise but would like to complete the challenge, anyone can join is! Unlimited classes and a chance to earn the tank for February, the cost for nonmembers is $75.