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Simple Nutrition

In this 2020 New Year, New Decade we are focusing on 2020 intentions. So we headed out to Simple Nutrition Clinton in the Village of Clinton, MI. We talked with the Owner of Simple Nutrition Clinton, Wendy Pizana about their business. Wendy said, “It’s really about keeping it simple”. They opened up the business just over a year ago to “help people start living a better, healthier, simple life”. Gosh knows we can all use that! 

So how do they help people keep it simple? One of the things Simple Nutrition does is coach people. They don’t just serve them shakes, teas and aloes, but to first bring them in and introduce them to who they are and coach them. 

So what does coaching mean? Talking about health and wellness plans, ask questions, get to know who you are, what you want and help you to set your health and wellness goals. I think about people making New Year intentions: we have great intentions as we come into the new year. It’s only halfway through January, so hopefully, your intentions are still going.

As you walk into Simple Nutrition Clinton, there is a whole slew of shakes that they offer from Thin Mint to  Frosted Animal Cookie. A total of 52 shakes are offered, one for each week! They all sound super good, especially the Mudslide. If you haven’t stopped into Simple Nutrition Clinton, you’ve already missed three weeks of the year, so you’ll have some catching up to do. There’s actually a challenge, if you try all 52 shakes, you can get a free t-shirt that says, “I Conquered the 52 Shake Challenge”. 

So what happens when you first come into Simple Nutrition Clinton for a meal replacement?

Simpe Nutrition serves shakes with 21 vitamins and minerals and 24 proteins. They are very healthy and served with a short of mango-flavored aloe. Aloe is really good for your digestive health. The shakes also are served with a cup of tea that burns 80 calories at rest. The tea comes in different flavors and you can either have the tea in your shake or just drink it! It’s a great way to get your proteins, vitamins, minerals, and energy first thing in the morning! It’s a great start to your day just for breakfast. You can also make your shakes at home, and the folks at Simple Nutrition Clinton will even show you how. 

Wendy says that you will need to do a shake, a protein snack and a colorful meal – make sure you eat real food, not just shakes for every meal. “It’s not a miracle drug”, says Wendy. Weight loss and health is something you have to work at and takes time and gradual progress. I always say that I like meals because I’m social, so eating gives me an excuse to get my social hour in. The rest of the day you can be a hermit and just drink your shake, your tea and aloe. 


Interested in Wellness Coaching at Simple Nutrition Clinton? Visit them on their Facebook at Simple Nutrition, Clinton. You can also find some recipes here as well. 

If you would like to Call or Text Wendy at 517-605-7875. She can set up a time to sit down with you before or after hours and talk about your plans. What are your goals? Where do you want to be? 

When setting goals, Wendy recommends making a plan that is reachable in measurable increments. Simple Nutrition Clinton will put you on a Tanita scale that measures many things such as muscle mass, bone mass, visceral fats, water intake, body fat percentage. I struggle with getting in enough water, they say half your body weight. That’s hard! The good news is, if you’re drinking water all day then you have to keep getting up and going to the bathroom which means you’re meeting your stand goal and walking goal every day! 

Wendy and her son, Jesse first took a leap of faith to start their business just over a year ago, which doesn’t even seem that long to me. 

We’re only here because of our customers. 

Where is Simple Nutrition Clinton Located?

102 E. Michigan Avenue, Clinton, MI. They are right by Coney and Subway, across from the Fire Station. There is parking in the front as well as additional parking in the rear.  


Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM 

Saturday: 8:00 AM to Noon

Closed Sunday

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