Saturday Spotlight Featuring Chaloner’s Cigar House

We decided to head on over to Chaloner’s in Downtown Adrian. We’re so excited to have been able to stop in and talk to Laura, the General Manager at Chaloner’s. This just happens to be one of our favorite spots! I feel like it’s a place that we end our night being a place to just casually have conversations. A lot of times you go to restaurants and you feel like you’re shouting at each other, but you get to Chaloner’s and you actually get to have a conversation. 

A Little Bit About Chaloner’s

Chaloner’s was originally opened in 1874 by William Chaloner’s family and it was a tobacconist shop on the first floor and ran all the way through 2015 when it closed. It was bought and remodeled. It took two years to remodel and just re-opened February 2019. The owners ended up buying the building and the adjacent building so they could not only have a tobacconist downstairs with the cigars, humidor and candy and everything everyone remembers having, but also a cigar lounge. It’s three stories total. They have a full service bar, weekly entertainment, live musicians to support the arts in Lenawee. Chaloner’s still has the candy shop that welcomes people of all ages and popcorn! Growing up, we would walk Downtown Adrian and get Chaloner’s popcorn. It’s the same original popcorn. They drive two and a half hours each way to a farm in Ohio to get the same coconut oil, popcorn kernels and salt. Three ingredients, gluten free and all of that. It’s the same popcorn machine, but they routed it to go outside so you can smell the popcorn as you’re walking down the street. 

Take a Tour of Chaloner’s!

On the second floor of Chaloner’s, they have a full service bar and lounge. This is available for anyone 21 years of age and over.

On the third floor there is a members lounge and billiards room. It is accessible to members and their guests or you can purchase $10 passes to access it. All of the proceeds to go the Boys and Girls Club of Lenawee. Also on the third floor is the atrium and waterfall area, which is accessible to anyone, including non members. It is the one area of the building other than the first floor that is non smoking. It always mesmerizes me when I get to that area. We have had a realtor get together there, and it’s just a nice place to gather. 

What we love about Chaloner’s is that the entire building is just absolutely beautiful. You feel like you’ve left Lenawee County, but you’re right in Downtown Adrian at the four corners. 

When Chaloner’s renovated the building, they purposefully used local architecture firms so it could be as true to the original building as possible. All of the wood and staining that you see has been done on site, nothing pre-manufactured. Although it took two years to renovate, but they wanted to keep the original flooring on the first floor, the original tin ceiling, all of the brick walls. As a result, it is a beautiful space and they do get the comment a lot that they don’t feel like they are in Adrian anymore, but you can look out the beautiful windows and see that it is in fact Downtown Adrian! 

One of the big ideas in renovations that they wanted to make sure that they are helping to help build back up Adrian. They wanted everyone to have a good time, have a cigar and libations, but really to help revitalize Downtown Adrian.

I tried a Cigar, But it Was Not for Me!

I will be honest and admit that I did try a cigar, but it just was not for me. At Chaloner’s they can help you choose a cigar, what’s preferential for men or women. They have over 1,000 different cigars housed in their 300 square foot humidor on the first floor, second floor and another one in the basement as back stock. Chaloner’s has five different tobacconists on staff that can come in and cater to your palate. You tell them what flavors you like or long you want to enjoy a cigar for, and they can help pick out which one is right for you. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to be a cigar smoker to enjoy the space. Laura says that 40 percent of the people that come in, don’t have a cigar and that’s okay. 

It’s not Just For Men

Many people are under the impression that cigar shops and lounges are just for men. It’s a pure mix of 50/50. It’s also a nice varying age as well! When we came in a couple of weeks ago, we met up with some of our friends and their son and his friends were there as well with the old people holding it down.

Full Service Bar

Heavy on the scotch, bourbon and whiskey which is what pairs best with cigars. They do also feature four rotating draft beers, all local from Tecumseh Brewing Company. Chaloner’s also carries a couple other beers from around the state of Michigan to try to help support the local economy that way. You can also find about 40 different bottles of wine or enjoy by the glass. Come for happy hour Monday through Friday 4:00 to 7:00 PM for drink and cigar specials.

You don’t have to go to the bar to get your drink. Chaloner’s has a wonderful waitstaff who is always on it. They are also great at suggesting drinks, which I think is awesome for someone who finds something they like but won’t change.

What’s the Number 1 Drink You Serve?

Either the V Blossom which is a Vodka/Gin based drink for the women or the Brick Embassy for the men which is bourbon with the big clear cube in it. All of their juices are hand squeezed fresh in house every day. Nothing is pre-done! 

What is the cost of a cigar?

The most cost-effective cigar is $2.39 and the most expensive one is $112.99. The average cigar that most people buy is going to be between $8 to $12. The majority of the ones that Chaloner’s carries is between $10 to $15. They have some that are around $40 that someone might want to enjoy for a special occasion or to make a night out of it.


Chaloner’s does not serve food besides the Cheese Plate from the Boulevard Market and Popcorn, but they do encourage people to order in or bring food inside and you can enjoy it in Chaloner’s. We did Dempsey’s one night and they delivered it here. We also have a tendency to go to Sauce then come down to Chaloner’s. You can see El Chaps if you look out the window. There’s such a great variety of restaurants downtown, so you can either bring it in or go out and enjoy the end of your evening at Chaloner’s. 

Adrian’s Best Kept Secret

Not exactly what any business wants to be. I think some people have a pre-existing idea of what Downtown Adrian is and I think that once you step inside of Chaloner’s or spend any time seeing all of the renovations in Downtown Adrian, I think you’ll see that it’s amazing that it continues to take place. 

The Number One Reason to Come to Chaloner’s

To have a wonderful, relaxing conversation. It really is about connecting people and being able to have a conversation in a quiet atmosphere. They’re not one of those bars that is playing loud music and can’t talk to one another. No mosh pits. It’s really about the atmosphere and enjoying your time, talking to your friends or making new friends. It’s amazing to see the different connections that people make here. Whether you’re a lawyer or a plumber, you can all different people with different walks of life coming through the doors at Chaloner’s. That truly is really special. 


With the re-opening during COVID, the hours are slightly modified. 

Sunday- Wednesday 3:00 to 10:00 PM

Thursday – Saturday: 1:00 PM to 11:00 PM


Let’s Talk COVID

We know a lot of people may have a concern about going into a building during these times. I will say that you do have to wear your mask in, but once you sit down, you don’t have to smoke a cigar through your mask. You don’t need a crazy straw to drink your drink. Chaloner’s just asks that you wear your mask when you’re being seated and if you get up to go to the restroom. 

It’s great to see Chaloner’s open during these difficult times. Now when you look through the establishment, you can’t sit at the bar or order at the bar. They are social distancing to take every precaution. 


108 W. Maumee, Adrian, MI 49221

Right at the four corners of Maumee and Main St., right across the street from The Croswell.

More Infomation?

Go to Chaloner’s Website at or on their Facebook and Instagram page. 

Their Specials are often updated through the Facebook Page.

Chaloner’s has invested in our community, so let’s invest in them to show our appreciation.