Saturday Spotlight Featuring Patridge Farms

We stopped by Partridge Farms Meats in Tipton, MI  for this feature of Saturday Spotlight. This is a perfect place for this Father’s Day weekend! 

I got to come earlier in the week to get a tour of the place! We got to see the cooler to see how they operate and see them cut meats. It was awesome!

Today I’m here with Hila, and she let us know what Partridge Farms is all about – Meats! Everything that they carry comes right from the family farm and all the meats are cut in-house. They also raise chickens, 100 at a time and sell they first-come-first-serve. They use no antibiotics, no hormones, just meat! 

At Partridge Farms they grow their own animals, but they also farm 1,500 acreage to feed the animals! Very Sustainable.  The whole family is involved and the older the kids are, the more they do. As I was interviewing Hila, her boys were in the field harvesting hay. They all have their own tractors and their own jobs on the farm. Every time they farm and harvest, it’s all hands on deck and it’s all family. 

I met Hila for the very first time at Tecumseh Farmers Market, Market on Evans in Downtown Tecumseh. It’s exciting because we ran into each other when they closed on the building that they are in now, so they will not be at the Farmer’s Market this year, but make sure you stop by their brick and mortar store. They started doing farmers markets five years ago and now they have out grown it! It’s so great to watch them expand and they will also be doing a ton of renovating. It would be so fun to do some before and after shots! Hila’s vision is to give the store front a nice little face lift to have it look like a barn! 

What’s Your Favorite Cut of Meat? Hila says that her favorite cut of meat is ribeyes and tenderloins. She has learned to be a great cook!

What’s a secret most people don’t know about Partridge Farms? A lot of people come into Partridge Farms and don’t actually know what they are all about! One thing that’s not true is that they are just like any other meat market. The biggest difference is that all the meats they sell are straight from the farm. They don’t buy anything and sell it. So what you are getting is the same quality every time.

Hopefully everyone will come to get ready to celebrate Father’s day and grill out. 

They are located at:

4180 US-12 in Tipton. (Could come up Tipton or Manchester on GPS/Google) 

Go to M-52 at the stoplight, go west and go about 3 miles

The Hours Are:

Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Saturday: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Sunday: CLOSED

The best way to preorder meats from Partridge Farms is to find them on Facebook and message them or call 517-456-4400 or just stop in! .

Make sure you come on down to Partridge Farms, pick up some great cuts of meat so you can BBQ and serve Dad something fresh, wholesome and awesome on Father’s Day!

Update! We gave away $50 Partridge Farms Gift Certificate to Rachel Crouse and she generously nominated Catherine Cobb to be the local Lenawee County Non profit to receive a $500 Donation from Living in Lenawee Realty. It is our hope to help some of the non profits in our community who are struggling and help our small businesses at the same time!